Ben Schwarz’s


Scripts for Sprinkle

A way to provision your server quickly

* Introduction

Passenger stack is a collection of scripts for Marcus Crafter’s ‘Sprinkle’ tool, it allows you provision a standard Ruby on Rails / Rack server running Ruby Enterprise, Apache with Passenger, MySQL / Postgres and Memcached.

* Contributing

The scripts utilise the Sprinkle DSL, I encourage those of you who want more than the stack currently offers to fork the project on Github and use it as an entry point.

* Background

Passenger-stack was created to fill my own requirements of fully installing an application on a virtual server very quickly, I’ve previously used Mike Bailey’s ‘Deprec’ amongst others, but found that they were often geared strictly towards rails. Passenger-stack attempts to be technology agnostic. Many people have similar projects that work a bit differently, I like to think of passenger stack as the bare minimum to get you running.

If you have any issues in getting passenger-stack running be sure to check the My app isn’t running wiki page first, where you’ll find some tips to get you going again.

Design: Anthony Kolber.